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This is where I will share long thoughts that I can not fit into a tweet. If it is long enough, I may just put it on my website.

Currently we watch Necessary Roughness on the USA Network; NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS; Haven on Syfy; Castle on ABC; and Bones on FOX. I do not like situation comedies or reality/competition shows.

I like several cosmologies including Evil Dead, Stargate, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, EWA (Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Alphas), Star Trek, and others.

You can find out more about me on my website or contact me elsewhere.

So you want to save your favorite TV series.

I have seen a lot of groups popping up to save their favorite cancelled television series. I wonder if those that are pushing for the series to be saved know just how hard it would be to bring them back. So, if you want to save your favorite television series, here are a few things you need to address.

Sets are probably the biggest hurdle to bringing a cancelled series back to life. The closer to the cancellation you are, the more likely the sets still exist and might still be standing. Let’s look at Eureka. It was recently cancelled, however, it would be dreadfully difficult to bring it back since the sets have already been struck. Making it slightly less difficult is that some or even all of the set pieces may be intact enough to rebuild them without having to start with nothing. For a series like Farscape, think about how expensive it would be to rebuild the sets from nothing. Do the plans for the sets still exist?

Along with sets is a place to rebuild the sets. The three Stargate series were filmed at Bridge Studios. Are the sound stages still available to rebuild those sets? Remember, Stargate took a lot of real estate there. Has Bridge Studios leased that space to another television series?

Let’s go onto the actors. Find pictures of them from the last episode of the series, and then find pictures of them now. How different do they look? Also check their availability, do you think Stargate could pay Jason Mamoa what Game of Thrones is paying him? Do you think that Firefly could pay Nathan Fillion what Castle is paying him? I seriously doubt it in both cases.

Now we get to the money, where are you going to get it? First watch every episode with an eye for what products have been placed in the series. Farscape will give you fits since it was not an Earth based series, but you should still look for the little things. Second you should pull out any VHS tapes, DVD writable disks, and your DVR recordings and, if you did not pause the recordings during the commercials, write down all the products advertised. If you can not find a single product, you will have to think critically about what products you buy that would fit the theme of the series you are trying to save. For example, you could choose a bottled water company that sells a lemon flavored drink to help bring back Stargate: Atlantis. Another would be to buy lots of blue JELLO to help bring back Stargate SG-1. You should not stop at just one product; you should have a list of at least ten.

Once you have your product list, go out, buy, and use those products. After the products are used, find anything that can prove you purchased them. If a product comes with a proof of purchase, you have the simple task of cutting it out; if not, use the UPC as a proof of purchase. Larger and more expensive items will probably come with registration cards. If the question is asked about why you bought one of the products, write in that it is to bring the series you are after back. If your Save group has a place online or offline to meet, decide as a group what products you will target to get their advertising dollars for the series.

After you have collected enough proofs of purchase or UPCs, do not just send them to a general corporate address. You would want to send them to the head of the advertising department. The vice president of advertising would be the one who you want to impress since that vice president is probably the one who makes the decisions on where the company’s advertising money goes.

You can also target stores like Walmart and K-Mart or restaurants even if they are, in the most off-handed manner, mentioned in the series. In this case you would want to fill out comment cards saying “I heard in of mention , so I (shopped|ate) here.” If you got a local establishment from their previous advertisement during the series, they might be pleasantly amused.

If you were watching last week’s episodes of Warehouse 13 and Alphas you will have seen product placement. On Warehouse 13 there was a pretty blatant advertisement for Toyota. On Alphas it was a subtle advertisement for Dyson’s Air Multipliers. If either of those series were facing cancellation, buying a Toyota or a Dyson Air Multiplier may be out of the question on the spur of the moment; so you might want to start saving up your money to buy those products in the future. In either case when asked why you bought it, tell them it was to keep your favorite television series on the air.

If you want to be cute, that might work as well. Just remember that the cute campaign to save your favorite series will be less effective than one that brings in money to the people who will be satisfying your desire to see new episodes of the series. An example of a cute campaign would be for Jericho fans to send in lots and lots of nuts to CBS. On the flip side is the serious campaign where fans go out and buy vehicle makes and models that they saw used in Jericho.

To bring back a series, it all comes down to money. To be safe you and your group should aim for at least $3 million an episode. So, when sending in your proofs of purchase, UPCs, registration cards, or comment cards inform the company why you are telling them you are sending them in and how much you are trying to raise. I suggest that you aim for thirteen episodes, meaning you would have to raise $40 million dollars (there is an extra million in there for safety). Maybe you can even ask for the company to do a press release which tells the public how much they are willing to pledge supporting your efforts.

Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages, various forums, and e-mails are not enough to bring a cancelled series back from the dead. You need to get advertisers excited about promoting their products on that series by showing them you are buying what they are selling because of the series. Just be warned if a company adamantly and decisively tells you that they will not support the series no matter what, leave them alone. Always be polite to the people at those companies you want to seduce.

Remember, put your money where your mouth is to bring back your favorite cancelled series.

My favorite television series

I was asked for a list of my favorite television series; however the list is rather long. I grouped them by network and listed their twitter accounts if available. I’ve listed related movies with some of the television series. Anything I own on DVD is in bold (if incomplete, the seasons will be in parentheses).

  • ABC @ABC
    • American’s Funniest Home Videos @AFVofficial
    • Battlestar Galactica
      • Battlestar Galactica
      • Galactica 1980
    • Bionics
      • The Six Million Dollar Man
      • The Bionic Woman (moved to NBC later)
      • The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman
      • Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman
      • Bionic Ever After?
    • Body of Proof @BodyOfProofABC
    • Castle (1-5) @Castle_ABC
    • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition @extremehome
    • Fantasy Island (The sequel series just didn’t make sense.)
    • Happy Town
    • The Love Boat
    • Matt Houston
    • Moonlighting
    • No Ordinary Family @NoOrdFamilyABC
    • Once Upon a Time @OnceABC (I quit watching because the kid got annoying.)
    • Probe
    • Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
    • That’s Incredible!
    • Who’s the Boss?
  • BBC @BBC
    • Being Human
    • Connections
      • Connections
      • Connections²
      • Connections³
    • Doctor Who
      • Doctor Who (1-4 + specials)
      • Torchwood (1-3)
      • The Sarah Jane Adventures (1)
    • Monty Python’s Flying Circus
    • Pride & Prejudice
    • Primeval
  • Bravo @Bravotv
    • Celebrity Poker Showdown
    • Scariest Movie Moments
      • The 100 Scariest Movie Moments
      • 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments
      • 13 Scarier Movie Moments
  • CBS @CBS
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • Cagney & Lacey
      • Cagney & Lacey
      • Cagney & Lacey: The Return
      • Cagney & Lacey: The View Through the Glass Ceiling
      • Cagney & Lacey: Together Again
      • Cagney & Lacey: True Convictions
    • Judging Amy
    • It started with JAG
    • Numb3rs (2) @Numb3rs_CBS
    • Otherworld
    • Scarecrow & Mrs. King
  • Discovery Channel @Discovery
  • Food Network @FoodNetwork
    • Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives
    • Unwrapped
  • FOX @FOXBroadcasting
    • The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
    • Bones & The Finder
    • Firefly (I didn’t see it on this network, I just bought the DVDs for the series.)
    • The X-Files
      • The X-Files
      • Millennium
      • The Lone Gunmen
  • The History Channel @HistoryChannel
    • Evolve
    • Ice Road Truckers (He watches this, I don’t.)
    • IRT: Deadliest Roads (He watches this, I don’t.)
    • Mega Disasters
    • Modern Marvels
  • NBC @nbc
    • The A-Team
    • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
    • The Cape
    • Cheers
    • Chuck @nbcchuck
    • Cosby
      • The Cosby Show
      • A Different World
    • Crossing Jordan
    • Dear John
    • E-Ring
    • Earth 2
    • Ed
    • ETM
      • ER
      • Third Watch
      • Medical Investigation
    • Fame
    • Free Agents @NBCFreeAgents
    • Grimm @NBCGrimm
    • Harry’s Law @NBCHarrysLaw
    • Heroes @heroes (I quit after the first season from boredom.)
    • Hawaii
    • Knight Rider
      • Knight Rider
      • Team Knight Rider
      • Knight Rider
    • L.A. Law
    • Law & Order and Homicide: Life on the Street
      • Law & Order @nbclawandorder
      • Homicide: Life on the Street
      • Exiled
      • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit @nbcsvu
      • Homicide: The Movie
      • Law & Order: Criminal Intent @USA_LawOrderCi (Started on NBC.)
      • Law & Order: Trial by Jury
      • Conviction
      • Закон и Порядок: Отдел оперативных расследований (NTV)
      • Paris Enquêtes Criminelles (TF1)
      • Law & Order: UK (BBC)
      • Law & Order: Los Angeles @NBCLOLA
    • LAX
    • Night Court
    • Nightmare Café
    • The Others
    • Outlaw @NBCOutlaw
    • Raines
    • Real People
    • Revelations
    • seaQuest
    • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    • Surface
    • UC: Undercover
    • V (I will not watch the ABC version.)
      • V
      • V: The Final Battle
      • V (the series)
  • Syfy @Syfy (Used to be Sci-fi which made sense.)
    • Andromeda
    • The Chronicle
    • The Dresden Files
    • EWA
      • Eurkea
      • Warehouse13
      • Alphas
    • Farscape
      • Farscape
      • Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
    • First Wave
    • Haven
    • Painkiller Jane
    • Sanctuary
    • Stargate
      • Stargate
      • Stargate SG-1
      • Stargate: Atlantis
      • Stargate: The Ark of Truth
      • Stargate: Continuum
      • Stargate Universe (I couldn’t get into it.)
    • Tremors
  • TNT @tntweknowdrama
    • Babylon 5
      • Babylon 5 (I know that it didn’t start here, but they saved it for the last season.)
      • Crusade
    • Falling Skies @FallingSkiesTNT (He watches this, I just can’t get into it.)
    • Leverage (1-2) @leverageTNT
    • Rizzoli & Isles @RizzoliIslesTNT
  • UPN
    • Legend
    • Mercy Point
    • The Sentinel
  • The USA Network @USA_Network
  • VH1 @VH1
    • Bands Reunited
    • I Love the …
      • I Love the ’70s
      • I Love the ’70s: Volume 2
      • I Love the ’80s
      • I Love the ’80s Strikes Back
      • I Love the ’80s 3-D
      • I Love the ’90s
      • I Love the ’90s: Part Deux
      • I Love the New Millennium
    • Also some of their top 100 miniseries
  • Premium networks
    • Dead Like Me
    • Six Feet Under
  • Miscellaneous networks or syndicated
    • BattleBots
    • Blood Ties
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      • Angel
    • Earth: Final Conflict
    • Highlander
      • Highlander: the Series
      • Highlander: The Raven
    • Jack of All Trades
    • Star Trek
      • Star Trek (1966)
      • Star Trek (1973)
      • Star Trek: Phase II
      • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
      • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
      • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
      • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
      • Star Trek: The Next Generation
      • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
      • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
      • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
      • Star Trek: Generations
      • Star Trek: Voyager
      • Star Trek: First Contact
      • Star Trek: Insurrection
      • Enterprise
      • Star Trek: Nemesis
      • Star Trek (2009)
    • The Tomorrow People
    • Tracker
    • Traders
    • War of the Worlds (It was a sequel to the 1953 film.)
  • Web series
  • Award shows
    • The Academy Awards
    • The Emmy Awards
    • The Golden Globe Awards
    • The Screen Actors Guild Awards
    • The Scream Awards (when we catch it)

Why I want more scripted television to watch

I watch television to escape the day to day drudgery of my life. I want to see spectacular lives in amazing situations. That is why I drift more towards science fiction and fantasy than anything else.

I am almost equally passionate about scripted and reality television series. The difference is my passion for scripted is positive while my passion for reality is negative. When a reality series offers compensation to its participants, it becomes a game show. I am not into game shows anymore. The last game show that I liked was The Price Is Right when I was a child. If more of these reality series were like Real People and That’s Incredible where there was no competition between the participants, I may be more inclined to watch them.

That does not mean that I am tired of documentary type series. I am a fan of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! hosted by Jack Palance. (Sorry Dean Cain, you just do not scare me as well as Jack did.) I like The History of Sex and most episodes of Modern Marvels on the History Channel. I like Mythbusters on Discovery. I watch series like Unwrapped And Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network. I even like the various I Love the… series on VH1. I enjoyed watching The 100 Scariest Movies Moments on Bravo, and my one competition guilty pleasure, Celebrity Poker Showdown.

So take away competition from your reality series and change up the stories each week, and I would watch. I just do not like how these series are taking over television and, in some cases, wrecking havoc on other industries like music. Now, if Idol (and others like it) were shot in a bar where the singers were behind chicken wire and had to deal with cigarette smoke, possibly disgusting bathrooms, and sleazy bar managers who would only put women on the stage only after the women slept with the manager; then they would have the ability to be called idols. Sorry people who “win” on Idol, you are a pale shade of those who had to put up with the above to get anywhere. You are all too clean for my taste. Also, stop covering other artists work; write your own music and bring your own band.

Dancing celebrities who have fallen off the radar a long time ago makes me wonder what the big deal is. I mean, if they get legends like maybe Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, William Shatner, or Bruce Campbell to dance, and I would watch every week. Those quasi-celebrities do not excite me.

The whole Survivor series is a joke. They are not surviving while there are production personnel around. Now, put hidden cameras and microphones all over an area, dump the people into that area, give them no outside aid, and tell them they can not leave for one year for any reason; that is surviving. I mean, if a participant gets sick or hurt and leaves, too bad no money for that one. That participant did not survive without outside aid. No stupid games either.

I do not want to see celebrities real lives out of the spot light. I would rather keep the mystery of their personal lives just that, a mystery. I also do not want to watch celebrities detoxing or losing weight. I do not need to see a bunch of celebrities fighting each other while living together. The mystery of celebrity is ruined by those types of series.

Rich people who are looking for spouses on television are just milking more money out of the audience. Remember, these rich people are getting paid (and richer) to be on those shows.

There is just so much wrong about the current trend of reality series. How about more reality where we learn something of value?

Nudity and sex in film and on television

I find it peculiar that male mammaries can receive a G rating, while female mammaries are consistently rated R. Does the Motion Picture Association of America know that all nipples and the surrounding area of the body are erogenous zones? Also, why is the act of human life creation given an X rating, yet the act of human life destruction can be as low as a PG rating. Full frontal nudity of an aroused woman could get an R rating, yet the full frontal nudity of an aroused man will get an X rating. As far as I know, defibrillation is administered on bare skin, so any television series that is not brave enough to bare female breasts to the camera should stop having female heart attack patients. The United States of America one of the most prudish countries in the world when it comes to sex; yet not to blood, guts, and gore.

If the United States of America were a free country, we could have erect penises and complete sex scenes on network and commercial TV at 10 a.m. on a Sunday just like we can see war and mutilation. When will we come out of the sexual dark ages?

Producers, stop making remakes please?!

A little over a month ago, I wrote a petition to temporarily suspend the production of film and television remakes. It says…

Your audience who uses Twitter (we, us), for the period beginning 1 January 2012 at 12:00 a.m. (UTC +12) and ending 1 January 2013 at 12:00 a.m. (UTC -12) (the period), request that the motion picture and television industry (you), not approve nor start production on any film, miniseries, or television series (work) which is a remake of a previously produced work. We recognize the terms reboot and reimagining to be alternative vocabulary for remake.

We ask you to not approve nor start production on any sequel, prequel, or sidequel to a previous work which is greater than the second work in a series of works.

We ask for more original works. We ask you to send artists to libraries and book stores to find written materials that have never been adapted into works. We ask that artists produce ideas that we have never before seen. We ask that you communicate within your industry to ensure that two works which are similar are not released within 30 days of each other.

We believe as the fictional Vulcans of Star Trek believe that there is “infinite diversity in infinite combinations”. We ask you to show us more of that infinite diversity. As Frank Herbert wrote in his Dune novels “fear is the mind killer”, so we ask you to not fear the infinite diversity. We are more intelligent, critical, and savvy today than we have ever been before now. We ask you to tell your accountants that when making decisions about what to produce.

While remakes might make you more money from being easy to produce, they are far more forgettable than an original work and are “creatively bankrupt”. Change is as good as rest, so will you please let us rest.

On television, we’ve seen several attempts fail such as The Bionic Woman and V. There is currently a new Hawaii 5-0 with a new Charlie’s Angels and Bewitched coming. Do we really need to see those all over again?

Coming to theaters is a new Footloose. I also have seen a new Dirty Dancing mentioned. Fame has already been remade too. The list of horror remakes is truly horrifying. Do you really want to pay for something that was easy to make because all the original scripts needed were a few tweaks to update them?

You can see the petition here on Twitition. It has less than 50 “signatures” on it. If you read this, have a Twitter account, and agree please sign it. If you do not have a Twitter account, you can still “like” this post. It will take a great outcry to make the production companies to even think about this issue.