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So you want to save your favorite TV series.

I have seen a lot of groups popping up to save their favorite cancelled television series. I wonder if those that are pushing for the series to be saved know just how hard it would be to bring them back. So, if you want to save your favorite television series, here are a few things you need to address.

Sets are probably the biggest hurdle to bringing a cancelled series back to life. The closer to the cancellation you are, the more likely the sets still exist and might still be standing. Let’s look at Eureka. It was recently cancelled, however, it would be dreadfully difficult to bring it back since the sets have already been struck. Making it slightly less difficult is that some or even all of the set pieces may be intact enough to rebuild them without having to start with nothing. For a series like Farscape, think about how expensive it would be to rebuild the sets from nothing. Do the plans for the sets still exist?

Along with sets is a place to rebuild the sets. The three Stargate series were filmed at Bridge Studios. Are the sound stages still available to rebuild those sets? Remember, Stargate took a lot of real estate there. Has Bridge Studios leased that space to another television series?

Let’s go onto the actors. Find pictures of them from the last episode of the series, and then find pictures of them now. How different do they look? Also check their availability, do you think Stargate could pay Jason Mamoa what Game of Thrones is paying him? Do you think that Firefly could pay Nathan Fillion what Castle is paying him? I seriously doubt it in both cases.

Now we get to the money, where are you going to get it? First watch every episode with an eye for what products have been placed in the series. Farscape will give you fits since it was not an Earth based series, but you should still look for the little things. Second you should pull out any VHS tapes, DVD writable disks, and your DVR recordings and, if you did not pause the recordings during the commercials, write down all the products advertised. If you can not find a single product, you will have to think critically about what products you buy that would fit the theme of the series you are trying to save. For example, you could choose a bottled water company that sells a lemon flavored drink to help bring back Stargate: Atlantis. Another would be to buy lots of blue JELLO to help bring back Stargate SG-1. You should not stop at just one product; you should have a list of at least ten.

Once you have your product list, go out, buy, and use those products. After the products are used, find anything that can prove you purchased them. If a product comes with a proof of purchase, you have the simple task of cutting it out; if not, use the UPC as a proof of purchase. Larger and more expensive items will probably come with registration cards. If the question is asked about why you bought one of the products, write in that it is to bring the series you are after back. If your Save group has a place online or offline to meet, decide as a group what products you will target to get their advertising dollars for the series.

After you have collected enough proofs of purchase or UPCs, do not just send them to a general corporate address. You would want to send them to the head of the advertising department. The vice president of advertising would be the one who you want to impress since that vice president is probably the one who makes the decisions on where the company’s advertising money goes.

You can also target stores like Walmart and K-Mart or restaurants even if they are, in the most off-handed manner, mentioned in the series. In this case you would want to fill out comment cards saying “I heard in of mention , so I (shopped|ate) here.” If you got a local establishment from their previous advertisement during the series, they might be pleasantly amused.

If you were watching last week’s episodes of Warehouse 13 and Alphas you will have seen product placement. On Warehouse 13 there was a pretty blatant advertisement for Toyota. On Alphas it was a subtle advertisement for Dyson’s Air Multipliers. If either of those series were facing cancellation, buying a Toyota or a Dyson Air Multiplier may be out of the question on the spur of the moment; so you might want to start saving up your money to buy those products in the future. In either case when asked why you bought it, tell them it was to keep your favorite television series on the air.

If you want to be cute, that might work as well. Just remember that the cute campaign to save your favorite series will be less effective than one that brings in money to the people who will be satisfying your desire to see new episodes of the series. An example of a cute campaign would be for Jericho fans to send in lots and lots of nuts to CBS. On the flip side is the serious campaign where fans go out and buy vehicle makes and models that they saw used in Jericho.

To bring back a series, it all comes down to money. To be safe you and your group should aim for at least $3 million an episode. So, when sending in your proofs of purchase, UPCs, registration cards, or comment cards inform the company why you are telling them you are sending them in and how much you are trying to raise. I suggest that you aim for thirteen episodes, meaning you would have to raise $40 million dollars (there is an extra million in there for safety). Maybe you can even ask for the company to do a press release which tells the public how much they are willing to pledge supporting your efforts.

Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages, various forums, and e-mails are not enough to bring a cancelled series back from the dead. You need to get advertisers excited about promoting their products on that series by showing them you are buying what they are selling because of the series. Just be warned if a company adamantly and decisively tells you that they will not support the series no matter what, leave them alone. Always be polite to the people at those companies you want to seduce.

Remember, put your money where your mouth is to bring back your favorite cancelled series.