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This is where I will share long thoughts that I can not fit into a tweet. If it is long enough, I may just put it on my website.

Currently we watch Necessary Roughness on the USA Network; NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS; Haven on Syfy; Castle on ABC; and Bones on FOX. I do not like situation comedies or reality/competition shows.

I like several cosmologies including Evil Dead, Stargate, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, EWA (Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Alphas), Star Trek, and others.

You can find out more about me on my website or contact me elsewhere.

Who are you? (Create your internet identity)

Hello. I am Lady Aleena, Lady_Aleena, LadyAleena, or ladyaleena; LA for short. I sometimes use O or Olara as a “last name” filler. You can find me on a lot of websites very easily by just searching for me. Actually, I have a lot of them linked in my description of this blog. However, a Google search will also show you where I can be found, here let me Google that for you. There are pages upon pages of search results all leading to me. Now, I would like you to look at my avatar. I use it everywhere. If you see it, you are more than likely looking at a profile of mine. I have been using it for years.

The reason I am telling you this is because some do not make it that easy for the rest of us. There are those who change user names and avatars every time they sneeze. Why is that a problem? It means that those who change their user names and avatars frequently are making it extremely difficult to find them. They have no singular internet identity to attach to them.

You may be asking yourself why I care about your internet identity. I am wondering why you might not care about it. By not establishing a base identity where ever you go, you make it difficult for your friends to find you (and follow or like you). You really need to sit back and think about who you want to be online. Pick a name and stick to it as much as you can. There are a few other Lady Aleenas out there, but if you looked at the Google results, you will see that I am clearly the more well known one. Then you have to think of the image that you want to represent you online, more than likely forever. I like the lady with the flowing blonde hair and serious expression. (I wish that I could claim credit for creating her, but sadly, I can’t. Also, my blonde hair got dark, so I’m now a light brunette.)

With Twitter being my home base online these days, almost everyone I talk to is there. When someone follows me off Twitter, like on Tumblr, I would like to be able to connect the two accounts mentally. However, that is difficult when I can not match names or avatars between the two sites. GetGlue makes it even harder, since some there are not on Twitter so I can not search my list of followers on Twitter to find a match. I even go to Google to see where else that person is that I might be, but I come back empty. (On GetGlue I can not talk to them to find out how they found out about me which is extremely frustrating.)

You can follow me, friend me, like me, and in general find me by searching for Lady Aleena and be confident that the Lady Aleena you found is me by looking at the avatar. That is who I am with all the accompanying drama that I have been part of over the years. I do not hide my short comings by changing who I am online. I would love to hide how much of a bitch I have been when I got angry, but I will not because that is not who I am.

I was once told that I have a huge internet footprint. The only way I made that happen was by keeping consistent with my user name and avatar across the face of the internet. If you want a footprint as large as mine is, you will have to do the same thing.

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